General hanging instructions for paste the wall method:

The use of a professional hanger is highly recommended. Before commencing, every roll should be inspected. Please ensure all rolls have the same pattern and batch number and colours match roll to roll and edge to edge. Please also check design direction before preparing to hang. After 3 lengths have been installed, carefully re-examine it. If a fault is found, please stop and contact yuor supplier. Claims cannot be accepted for paper hung in excess of three drops. The decision to continue is now the responsibility of the purchaser and paper hanger. No claims for hanging costs in excess of three drops will be accepted. Please retain all batch labels until decorating is completed.


Remove all existing wallcoverings including lining papers prior to installation. It is recommended that the walls are lined with a good quality lining paper before installation. Surfaces need to be clean & dry. Please pre-treat any existing mould. New plaster or other absorbant surfaces should be pretreated with surface size. Gloss painted surfaces will need to be roughened with sandpaper.


Please use a ready mixed adhesive designed specifically for paste the wall products.

1)Measure 50cm(20") out from a corner on a wall adjacent to a window wall and, using a plumb line draw a vertical line from ceiling to floor. This gives you a straight edge from which to align your first length of paper.

2)Using a roller, apply a generous and even layer of paste to the wall where the first width of wallcovering will hang. Follow the paste manufacturers instructions for the paste quantity to be applied per roll or mtr/sq. Ensure that the pasted area is slightly wider than the drop to be hung.

3) Hang directly from the roll. Slide into position, aligning one edge of the wallcovering with the vertical plumb line. The other edge should overlap around the corner by approx 20mm (3/4")

4)Smooth down with soft decorators brush or soft clean cloth. Remove any air bubbles by smoothing them out from the centre to each edge.

5)Trim top & bottom using a straight edged ruler and kraft knife.

6) Avoid adhesive contamination on the face of the wallcovering. Gently wipe away any residue paste immeadiately with a damp soft cloth.

7)Ensure that you hang each length of wallcovering in the correct direction. Repeat with additional lengths matching pattern as necessary.


If installation of wallpaper is as above, and includes the use of lining paper, then this product is dry strippable.