Wallpaper- Grevillea in Duckegg Blue


Wide Width Wallpaper featuring Grevillea in duckegg blue. An unfussy, contemporary design inspired by Grevillea Edna Ellen, found in abundance on the east coast of Australia.

Wide width, non-woven wallpaper. AS3837.1998 Tested. Paste the wall wallpaper with a low gloss finish. Printed using waterbased latex ink technology. Wipeable.

Finished width: 126.5cm Paper Width: 130cm
Pattern match: Straight at 66cm
Pattern repeat: Vertical: 150 cm, Horizontal: 66cm

Installation method: Doublecut, an overlap of 1cm either side is included to allow for this. Wallpaper hanging instructions are included with your order

Orders can be printed to your requirements.
The wallpaper can also be printed as panels, (or drops) to minimize wastage).

*Note: Samples of our wallpaper can be purchased online, but meterage must be ordered through one of our agents, or contact us direct. Please see our 'How to Buy' page for more information.

*This wallpaper is printed to order. Please allow 3 weeks for delivery.

Designed & made in Australia